About White Fox Studios

White Fox was founded by us, Carl and Jason, two experienced commercial photographers
with a singular talent for producing exceptional food and corporate events photography.
From Amazon to ZSL London Zoo, with Formula One along the way, we’ve worked with some
great clients. It’s partly why we do what we do, but most of all, we love being creative and
using our skills to tell the story of a brand, product or service – and making that story
unforgettable. This might be in eye-catching social media content or professional photographs
from a conference with a cast of thousands: we’re flexible, innovative and good at variety.
We understand the power that professional photography has to bring your business to life and
present it, of course, in the best possible light – and although we’re based in London, we’ve
travelled across oceans to deliver our professional photography, so location is never a
problem. All you need is a desire for the best possible image – and if that’s the case, get in touch. We can come to you.

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